Benefits of SMS Branding

23 Aug
Benefits of SMS Branding

SMS Branding – name of your store, instead of an unknown phone number.

Each text message sent from the may be provided with so-called branding. This is the text that appears as a sender phone number. This inexpensive service may significantly change the subjective reception of your messages by customers.

Interesting details:

  • You can set different names for particular SMS templates – i.e. YourStore for templates assigned to notifications, Complaint for templates informing about reclaimed product.
  • SMS branding because of technical reasons may include a maximum number of 11 characters.
  • Avoid adding branding in form of a phone number,, because such messages can be rejected by cell phone operators.

Examples of interesting brandings: 

  • OnlineStore,
  • SummerSale,
  • Discount,
  • Complaints,

Benefits of SMS Branding

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