Sms Gateway

Thời gian cập nhật 06:59 ngày 15/10/2015

It is a software system to communicate with the operator texting (SMS Center) of the mobile network (Vinaphone, MobiFone, Viettel) allows the enterprise / organization can interact with their customers through the transition and receive SMS’s network

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Marketing Online

Thời gian cập nhật 06:44 ngày 11/10/2015

Give you the strategies to build successful online businesses and sustainability.

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Value-added services on mobile

Thời gian cập nhật 06:35 ngày 11/10/2015

information services for mobile subscribers in the form of sms

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Payment Services

Thời gian cập nhật 05:44 ngày 11/10/2015

The solution supports multiple payment options: prepaid cards, SMS, bank account

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