VIET NAM DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT AND TELECOMMUNICATION JOINT S (GTS), the company is operating in the field of value-added services on mobile, payment services on mobile platform and online marketing.
From 2012, GTS is known as a pioneer company in the field of providing digital content on mobile with hundreds of customers using such as solutions for the contest voted TV, weather forecast, ringback services, ringtones …
Not only stopping there, along with young staffs of imagination, knowledge about technically, Digital Entertainment is continuing to come undone the solution which is waiting in front for trends, it are payment services on mobile and online marketing.
The company is highly rated by the partners inside and outside the country. Thanks to that, Digital Entertainment always defined to take the satisfaction of our customers make profit and the creative enthusiasm of staffs make key

Apparatus and organizational models

With over 100 employees and 10 departments, Digital Entertainment always working engine optimization to achieve the highest performance at work


GTS is the company that provides payment solutions, providing digital content, Vietnam’s leading marketing


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+ For society: Provides handy services on mobile, to promote useful products to consumers
+ For employees: build a professional and friendly work environment with best development opportunities and remuneration commensurate with employees, there is each person that recognized understanding and fair treatment.
+ For customers: provide reliable services, sustainable cooperation, always travel with customers.
+ For shareholders: deliver value long-term investment performance for shareholders.